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This Memorial Site was created in the Memory of Our Loved One Constantino(Tino)Arena who was born in Brooklyn NewYork On March 03,1979 and passed away on August 05,1997 at the age of 18, He Is Missed & In Our Hearts Forever

Tributes and Condolences
Just thinkin about you   / Chrissy Arena (Aunt)
It's been so long since we talked ,Thinking bout you today and just wanted you to know I miss you.. 18 years came and went time flies and never stops...Tino you are so missed I haven't cried in so long and I wish you were here...Things have changed s...  Continue >>
Great Son   / Glenn Acosta (Friend Of family )
Tino i remember working on your dad's house you were a great kid and a good son. RIP
Always missed brother   / Brendon (Friend)
Hung out day to day....u always made me laugh and always had my back.....your always missed and never forgotten
Hi Tino   / Joe Gina (Cousin)
Hey cousin it's been so long. Your mom and I were remembering times gone bye earlier today. You left this world very early and so many people miss you. Now that my little brother Chris has passed 4 days ago... I know the indescribable&...  Continue >>
To Tino   / Rob Beyer (JHS Classmate )
08/31/2010 Tino: Just wanted to stop in and pay my respects to you. Seems so long ago that we were in Shallow together. You and I bumped heads a lot in school but that dosen't mean I don't feel sorrow. I know your in a better place and I hope and p...  Continue >>
familyy xox  / Ayla Thompson (Cousin)    Read >>
11 years  / Maria (Sister)    Read >>
in just 3 days  / Maria (sister)    Read >>
TINO / Marianna Albert (cousin)    Read >>
" 10 Years In Heaven"  / Chrissy (Aunt)    Read >>
10 Years  / Maria (Sister)    Read >>
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TINO  / Nicole Chiarello (friend/called each other cousins )    Read >>
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  / Tara &. Semi (friends)    Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Maria (Sister)    Read >>
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His legacy
My Nephew  
My Nephew Tino was more like my LiL Brother....He was definately a Very Special part of my life to know him was to Love him & vice versa. This section is about his Legacy but given he was taken from us so young his legacy lives on through us. Unless you were Blessed enough to have been apart of his life, Tino you always always made me laugh you always messed with me,Your mother always said I taught you everything you knew,That is so not true laughing right now thinking about you but you know what you were so Good I'll take the credit... I Miss & Love You So Much and I Never Stop Thinking Of You... You are now and Always and Forever in My Heart  
My brother  
Tino is a  person loved by everyone, who had the best personality. Always made people laugh , he loved to joke around . He was the best words cant describe what a wonderful person he was. He had so many friends so many people he left behind people who adored him especially me someone who looked up to him, he was my best friend. I will never understand why god took him from us. His memory will always stay alive and he will always be loved, and trust me he left behind alot of memories things that can bring tears to my eyes from laughter and then tears of sadness because he is not hear to share them with. My brother was one of a kind if u new him u will understand, if u new him u had to love him there was no other way to feel about him.
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