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Just thinkin about you  / Chrissy Arena (Aunt)  Read >>
Just thinkin about you  / Chrissy Arena (Aunt)
It's been so long since we talked ,Thinking bout you today and just wanted you to know I miss you.. 18 years came and went time flies and never stops...Tino you are so missed I haven't cried in so long and I wish you were here...Things have changed so much..I know your resting and in a better place..Watch over the family I know you do because you show up at every event lol. Your An Amazing Star and I just wanted you to know I love you..Your forever missed and in my heart..Love you always Tino... Close
Great Son  / Glenn Acosta (Friend Of family )  Read >>
Great Son  / Glenn Acosta (Friend Of family )
Tino i remember working on your dad's house you were a great kid and a good son. RIP Close
Always missed brother  / Brendon (Friend)  Read >>
Always missed brother  / Brendon (Friend)
Hung out day to day....u always made me laugh and always had my back.....your always missed and never forgotten Close
Hi Tino  / Joe Gina (Cousin)  Read >>
Hi Tino  / Joe Gina (Cousin)
Hey cousin it's been so long. Your mom and I were remembering times gone bye earlier today. You left this world very early and so many people miss you. Now that my little brother Chris has passed 4 days ago... I know the indescribable pain and sorrow your brother Vinnie must feel. If you see my brother up there please give him a hug from me and tell him I'm gonna wrestle him next time I see him. Mei the Lord Jesus keep you close with love and peace. Close
To Tino  / Rob Beyer (JHS Classmate )  Read >>
To Tino  / Rob Beyer (JHS Classmate )



Just wanted to stop in and pay my respects to you. Seems so long ago that we were in Shallow together. You and I bumped heads a lot in school but that dosen't mean I don't feel sorrow. I know your in a better place and I hope and pray your family can find the strenght to deal with thier loss. Rest in peace buddy.


familyy xox  / Ayla Thompson (Cousin)  Read >>
familyy xox  / Ayla Thompson (Cousin)
Tino - all the wonderful things i heard about you i know i missed out on a great cousin but ill tell you something Just saying your name my brother peter cant stop talking bout all the times you had together. For some reason i think if you were here i dont think our family would be the way it is. But theres something i ask for please help my brother! hes need you more than any other time right now. I dont want to loose him! talk to him tino he needs you. this family has lost two many amazing people lik you. i dont kno what i would do if i lost him too. your in my prayers tino and ill meet you one day! love you ur cousin ayla Close
11 years  / Maria (Sister)  Read >>
11 years  / Maria (Sister)

11 years todays and it still feels like yesterday. I miss you dearly, there is so much hurt within our family that I just wish one day I can wake up and realize it was all a dream. Losing you was losing apart of me and now I lost my other half, but I know since your always watching down on us something good has to happen one day because we dont deserve this pain its not right the way life has been treating us. Please take care of a baby bro he needs you, we both know he doesnt deserve anything that is going on. I love you Tino and forever you will be in my heart , I miss you mwaaaaa

in just 3 days  / Maria (sister)  Read >>
in just 3 days  / Maria (sister)
In just 3 days you would be turning 29 and I close my eyes and can see ur smile and watch u blow ur candles out just like in the picture of the last birthday u had spent with us when u were just 18. Tears flow down my cheeks wishing u can blow the candles out that everyone sends u and just come home, after 10 years u would think things have got easier but the truth is my heart bleeds thinking i can never hug u or just sit beside u like we use to and have our long conversations about everything in life. Since your passing its hard to do that with anyone you once told me that I would always have u to go to if I ever needed someone to talk to and that u would be the only one that I can truly trust that family is the only people that would stay by yourside and friends come and go and ur words always stuck in my head and u know what u were right which is why when i sleep at night I wake up wishing that all this pain of you not being here was all a dream then reality hits and I know its not and the only thing I can do is hold your precious words in my heart and when things dont look right I can hear your voice  and know things can only get better. I miss you Tino and it truly hurts , I look at my kids and feel like they are missing out on meeting such a great person and the only thing I can do keep ur memory alive and show pictures and videos and let them know they have 2 of the best uncles and thats my brothers even though u cant be here to share the 5 gifts that entered our family which are your nieces and nephews me and Vinny keep u alive through our hearts. Hugs and Kisses forever till we are able to see one another again. I love u Your sister Maria  Close

TINO / Marianna Albert (cousin)  Read >>
TINO / Marianna Albert (cousin)
Well it is ten years and still only feels like yesterday when you where here with me.  I think about you always and I tell my children about you every night when we pray and blow kisses to you.  I have a new edition to my family that will know you just as much as me and my other children.  We love you and miss you.  I still hear your laugh and miss your hugs and kisses the most.  I still feel you with me always and forever.  You will never be forgotten.  I love you always. Marianna Close
" 10 Years In Heaven"  / Chrissy (Aunt)  Read >>
" 10 Years In Heaven"  / Chrissy (Aunt)
Tino I'm late but I didn't forget, 10 Years In Heaven who could have ever imagined that time could go by this fast. I Miss you every single day of my life its just not the same here without you, When I go home I look at all the pictures and all I ever say is it's just not good enough I hate walking in the house and never seeing your smile or hearing your voice call my name or getting cranked in the middle of the night lol. I Love and Miss You with all My Heart and Thank God everyday for all My Memories with you because if I didn't have that I would be lost. You were absolutely one of a kind and I just want you to know that every minute in my life spent with you is now like a Treasure locked in My Heart. I really really really could never explain what I felt the day you passed away but my Heart has really not been the same.Weeks days months and years have all passed by but it is the same today as it was August 5th 1997,You learn to move on you learn to grow you learn that time passes us by but you never learn to understand why and I always try but I never seem to come up with an answer all I can say is I Miss & Love You Very Much And You Will Live In My Heart Forever
10 Years  / Maria (Sister)  Read >>
10 Years  / Maria (Sister)
Today makes 10 years & everytime I look at your picture I can hear your voice. I want so hard to believe I am dreaming that I will wake up and you will come home then reality hits. Tino you were not only my brother but my best friend, they say time heals all wounds I am still waiting for that time because the piece of my heart that was broken has never healed. You were my strength , you made me who I am , even though I can often get sidetracked the better of me came from you and I will forever thankyou for everything.  I miss & love you with all my heart , I know that right now you are not here but you are still my rock, the  half of me that I hold so close to my heart. The memory of you will forver stay alive as long as I am , you then and still mean the world to me.

Your Sister,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TINO  / Nicole Chiarello (friend/called each other cousins )  Read >>
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TINO  / Nicole Chiarello (friend/called each other cousins )
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  / Tara &. Semi (friends)  Read >>
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  / Tara &. Semi (friends)


Happy Birthday  / Maria (Sister)  Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Maria (Sister)
Today you turn 28 I wish you were here so we can celebrate together. Time just fly's by, I try to make my self believe that as the days go by it will get easier then your birthday comes or a special holiday something and it doesn't, it just gets harder. The memory of you is just something i can never let go, its almost 10 years since ur gone that means 9 birthdays have past without you and every year it gets harder knowing that everyday I wake up hoping to see your face hoping to hear your voice, pray that it was just a dream and nothing. The thought of knowing that I lost my best friend/brother destroys me. Tino, I am a mother now, you know how much that scares me and Vinny is a father of soon to be 3 can you imagine we will soon have another LiL Tino in just 12days.   I wish you were here so badly so these kids would know you but I know you are in your own way , so please keep watching over us and take care of a lil bro. I love you so much and I know that we will soon be together in time......Happy 28th Birthday   Close
To My Nephew  / Chrissy Arena (Aunt)  Read >>
To My Nephew  / Chrissy Arena (Aunt)
Within our hearts we always keep

A special place for you,

And try to do our best to live

As you would want us to.

As we loved you, so we miss you,

In our memory you are near;

Loved, remembered, longed for always

With the passing of each year.

Missing You Forever  / Aunt Chrissy   Read >>
Missing You Forever  / Aunt Chrissy

Hi Ti it's Aunt Chrissy I'm just writting cause I am up late & this site makes it easier to talk to you I guess,Another year is starting and I still can't believe you are gone it doesn't make sense and it never will,Your passing has changed my life so much I just don't feel the same about anything anymore,Especially because my son was born that year and everytime he has a B-day I think of you,I remember you telling me to change his name to Tino but than 2 yrs later I had a Tino you would've really Loved him he's 7 yrs old and he's such a Pain in the ass lol ,Everybody tells me it's the name what can I do,he is a fighter,he tortures his brother bothers everybody & at the same time he is very loveable so ummm who does he sound like Lmaooo,I Miss You & Love You So Much,You Are Always In My Heart<3<3 Happy New Year In Heaven I Love You

missing you kid  / Keith "REP" (friend)  Read >>
missing you kid  / Keith "REP" (friend)
you left a lasting impression on me tino...i'll neva forget you.  You where there when most people weren't and I thank you for that.  you are missed, loved and appreciated.  Even though you where with us for a short period of time, I will have a memory of you for eternity... I love you and miss you kid. 

from ur brother from another mother, 
keith aka Rep 2a Close
You are always there  / Pat Daly (cosin)  Read >>
You are always there  / Pat Daly (cosin)

It,s hard to believe 9 yr,s have gone by.But even so the hurt is still fresh for the ones you left behind. Watch  over and protect your family from above. They need you as much today as they always have . Just knowing you are there is a comfort. And one day will will all be together again. Love you ,Patty

never forgotten /now now not ever.  / Isa Saiti (my lil bro. )  Read >>
never forgotten /now now not ever.  / Isa Saiti (my lil bro. )
my lil bro i miss you and alwayz think about you .just because we don't see you doesn't mean you aren't here with us.your shell is gone but your soul lies with god there is no one that takes care of you better then him .and i pray that one day i will meet up with you again my brother ,my friend,and a special person.tino if you can see through our hearts you would be able to see the love my heart holds for you.i love you kid and we all miss you .we will meet up again my brother.love you alwayz and forever. Close
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