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missing you  / Marianna (cousin)  Read >>
missing you  / Marianna (cousin)

It is hard to even write this.  I feel I talk to you everyday like you aren't even gone.  I miss your millions of hugs and kisses none has or will replace that.  Our family being so tight it is so hard to deal with you not being here.  I know you are watching over us all the time.  We have a lot of new additions to this large family and even if you are not here physically you are here in every other possible way.  I love and miss you always and forever.  Stevie mad dog

Miss you always.....  / Christina (Cousin)  Read >>
Miss you always.....  / Christina (Cousin)

Even though 9 years have passed, I will never forget that day. You being gone, was and still is one of the hardest things I have had to accept. Our family is sooo close and for you not be here through it all has been really difficult for me. I really really miss you. Sometimes I can still hear you laugh...it was the best and all the hugs...  hug after hug you wouldn't stop.... my little pain in the ass. Just writing this, is sparking so many great memories! I really wish you were here. I know you are looking over us. Until we meet in the heavens....you will never ever be forgotten my baby! Hugs and kisses.  ~ Christina

Your Child In Heaven  / Chrissy   Read >>
Your Child In Heaven  / Chrissy
For My Brother & Margaret :                                                                                       I'll Be There

Tomorrow I will be there
Though you may not see
I'll smile and remember
The last Christmas, with you and me

Don't be sad mom
I'm never far away
Your heart has hidden sight
My memory will always stay

I watched as you touched the ornaments
Sometimes a tear was shed as you did
I touched you gently on your shoulder
And on tiptoes I proudly stood

I'm only gone for a little while mom
I'm waiting for the day to be
When God calls out your name mom
We'll be together, just you wait and see

But until that time comes
Carry on as you did when I was there
I tell the angels how much I love you
There are angels here everywhere!

I stand behind you some days
When I know that you are sad
I want you to be happy mom
It would make my heart so glad

So on this Christmas Eve, Mom
Think of me as I will be thinking of you
And touch that special ornament
That I once made for you

I love you mom and dad, also
I know you know I do
And I'll be waiting here for you
When your earthly life is through

Love, Your Child In Heaven
I'll see you in my dreams Tino...  / Anna Thompson (cousin)  Read >>
I'll see you in my dreams Tino...  / Anna Thompson (cousin)
Oh my dear Tino, how I miss you.  It is hard to believe that 9 years has already  passed. You were such a joy to so many lives, mine included. How I remember the funniest things you use to do and how generous you were with your hugs and kisses. I miss you dearly, but I know one day we will meet again....so until then I will see you in my dreams....always in my heart...cousin Anna from Vermont. Close
The Love of My LIFE....  / Lisa Magalhaes (Wife)  Read >>
The Love of My LIFE....  / Lisa Magalhaes (Wife)

Tino, I dont even know where to start, first I love you n miss you MORE n MORE as the years go by. Nothing I do can take this pain away, you were my HEART my SOUL my EVERYTHING and it all changed that one morning and I cant figure why.... Tee I want you back! I hope your at peace and SAFE, I feel my life gets harder everyday without you.  I know your watchig me and seeing how much I do love n miss you I just need some sign.... FOREVER YOURS, FOREVER MINE! I cant say goodbye, so i'll just say talk to you soon. My one and only TRUE LOVE!

My Brother Tino forever in my heart  / Maria (Your LiL Sis )  Read >>
My Brother Tino forever in my heart  / Maria (Your LiL Sis )
I love you and miss u so much. The pain of loosing you is unreal,  everyday I look at ur pictures everyday you are on my mind it feels like apart of me went with u.  Its been 9 1/2 years and still feels like yesterday, loosing you was the worst thing that could of ever happen to our family. I pray everyday wishing u were here, Vinny is on his 3rd kid me having Gianna both of us married I just wish u were here with us so your nieces and nephews could see what a wonderful uncle they have, even though I know that will never be ur memory will stay alive forever telling them stories and showing pictures, letting them know all the good things about you. I know you are always by our side each and everyday even though we can't see you I know your there and watching over us. I miss my big brother so much and love you with all my heart. Till we meet again. 
Your LiL sis
More Like My Lil Brother  / Chrissy (Aunt)  Read >>
More Like My Lil Brother  / Chrissy (Aunt)
I just want to say that I cannot describe what I felt the day they called me and told me what happened it was my worst fear & the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life. I Loved you so much and must've taken life for granted because I never expected to lose you. You were the Best and I will never Forget you, what a Pain you were drove everybody nuts always made us laugh and I miss it so much...Can't believe it's 9 yrs already I miss you so much well Anthony was born the yr you died remember you kept telling me to name him Tino well 2 yrs later my son Tino was born I wish you could see them... And wow you have 2 nieces and a nephew now and another one coming you would've been the Best Uncle we miss you honey and Love you Always.... Merry Christmas In Heaven Tino and another Happy New Year and tell Grandpa we Love and miss him too....Love You Always Aunt Chrissy  Close
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